Perfecting the E-Juice Cocktail

So maybe you’re a big time connoisseur of vaping and all things related to e-cigarettes. Good for you, you really know your stuff but do you ever wonder if you can improve the flavour of your e-juice? I know you meticulously choose your flavourings and maybe even put together your own personal flavour profile but is that it? Is there anything else that can be done? The answer is yes.

The Science of E-Juice

It may all seem like, excuse the pun, like smoke and mirrors but vaping isn’t some kind of magic where you’re smoking but not actually smoking. Do you follow? It’s okay, it can be confusing but vaping is pretty simple — the inhalation and exhalation of vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette via e-liquid or e-juice. So that mysterious ‘smoke’, not so mysterious but what the heck is e-juice?

E-cclectic Tastes of E-Cig Juice

Whether you adhere to the principals of a single brand, or have an eclectic taste, E-Liquid Juice has a myriad of flavors and nicotine saturations for you. The “Juice” is a concentrated form of nicotine and natural chemicals intended for your enjoyment. Think of it like a scented candle for your mouth. Without all the harmful aerosols. Just as you do not eat the same thing every meal, you do not have to inhale the same flavor. Do not have to participate in a groundhog’s day of taste.