Whether you adhere to the principals of a single brand, or have an eclectic taste, E-Liquid Juice has a myriad of flavors and nicotine saturations for you. The “Juice” is a concentrated form of nicotine and natural chemicals intended for your enjoyment. Think of it like a scented candle for your mouth. Without all the harmful aerosols. Just as you do not eat the same thing every meal, you do not have to inhale the same flavor. Do not have to participate in a groundhog’s day of taste.

The original accreditation for any form of E-Liquid is to Herbert A. Gilbert, who patented the first non-tobacco smoking device. Using a form of heated moist air slightly flavored with aromas. The fad never caught on as the tobacco industries were rising, but his invention launched a new ideal. The flavor and aroma that you could normally never imbue into regular tobacco was now an achievable goal. The ability to choose from multiple options of flavors and not just brands was now available.

willy-wonkaThe ingenuity of China are the formal starting point of E-Cigs and E-Liquid juice. In 2003 a Chinese pharmacist, HonLik, invented the first electronic cigarette and its accompanying juice. Though simple and unimaginative in its first flavor, the launch of this industrious idea soon grew. Culminating into a bevy of flavors that are akin to the soda section in a grocery store. Plus a lot less dangerous for your health.

Like the walls at Willy Wonka—from the blueberries to the snozberries—the new generation of E-Cig Juice has exploded on to the market. Inside of each cartridge is a dose of relaxing nicotine coated in your choice of a delicious flavor. Every conceivable flavor can be purchased; online for the more adventurous palates. It’s almost as if you can smoke your dessert and not feel bad about it. Choosing from one of many many flavors available to quench your appetite and satisfy your craving. The amount of deserts you will pass up due to the E-Cig Juice alone is astounding.

This is one of the main reasons that electronic cigarette sales are booming. This and the whole health thing, but with the amount of flavors out there it’s hard to believe it’s healthy. With traditional cigarettes your choices are very limited. Essentially coming down to either menthol of full-flavor. The lack of variety is a detriment to palatable gestation everywhere. Oh there are attempts at flavored cigarettes, but the overbearing pungency of the tobacco is enough to make even the stoutest recoil.

It all comes down to obstinacy and settling. You can settle for such a simple selection, or peruse the cornucopia that is E-cig Juice. Exotic, authentic, or just simply weird- every craving can be satiated. The boom that is the E-Cig market is the new realm of society that one must adapt to survive. Its economic natural selection in a sense. Adhering to an archaic form of toxins in your lungs, or assimilating to a wonderful healthy new world.

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