The Marvel Of Medical Marijuana

Maybe you think smoking weed is for slackers who live in their parents’ basement way past their ‘move-out’ date. Regardless what you think, marijuana can have some amazing effects on the human body but it’s a Schedule One controlled substance and has to be tested under the strictest of circumstances. You may disagree about the legalization of marijuana but consider these health benefits.


Passing a drug test for marijuana is an unfortunate reality for many Canadians getting tested by new or existing employers. Even with the legalization of medical marijuana, and the forward moving regulation, and legalization process, private companies are drug testing more than ever and Mary-Jane is still number one on the list.

Skewed Statistics: Why No ECig Love From Government?

We all know the hype of electronic cigarettes being a safe alternative to regular cigarettes, and the effect of alleviating nicotine consumption. The simple fact is electronic cigarettes are safer alternatives that propagate the destruction of addictive natures. Then why is it not government sanctioned yet? Well exactly because they do what they are said…