We all have those stereotypical stoner moments — when all you want to do is kick back, grab your fave munchies, throw on a weed friendly flick and chill (beanbag chair optional). Well, to make things SUPER easy, here’s a list of some of the all-time best stoner moments in cinematic history.

#10. Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle — “Don’t You Wanna Be Cool?”

OK, really the whole movie is one great big stoner moment. From Neil Patrick Harris down to the battle-shit gals, but what really kicks it all off is the first scene where our two anti-heroes smoke their first green: we see them sitting on their couch, chilling & watching some TV – deciding what will fill their particular cravings for the night. On comes one of those classic anti-weed commercials, and true to form is more hilarious than educational.

#9.  Grandma’s Boy — “Don’t Judge Me Monkey”

Again, just an overall awesome stoner comedy. Fun fact: Peter Dante actually swapped out the fake herb that is supposed to be used for all marijuana scenes in film with his own stash. The cast was so high during some of the scenes that it took multiple takes to get even a single line right. All I can say is, well played. The “don’t judge me monkey” scene culminates all the ridiculousness of the movie into one hilarious overall moment.

#8. Caddyshack — “Playing Through”

In addition to being one of the best overall comedies of all time, Caddyshack also has a special place in the hearts of weed enthusiasts everywhere. Classic Chevy Chase, Bill Murray & Rodney Dangerfield. One scene in particular stands out — “playing through”. Chevy is playing an a-typical night game of golf and shanks a chip into Bill Murray’s shed. Once inside, his attempt to play through goes slightly awry when Murray convinces him to try his registered “grass” hybrid. Cannonball it!

#7. The Big Lebowski — “Nice Marmot”

Not classically a weed movie, but it’s beloved in the stoner community by generally everyone. I can honestly say that of all the people I know, there isn’t one who can’t quote at least one line from the film. What’s hilarious to me is that it’s actually a movie about bowling, but I’ve never heard a single bowler say how much they dig it. This flick has too many moments to mention — from the nihilist brawl to Walter’s “Ringer”. Just remember, “Nobody fucks with the Jesus”.

#6. Cabin In The Woods — “Pop Tarts/Burnout”

Weed smokers & horror unite in a perfect fashion in this fantastic flick about the end of the world. The entire movie is essentially dominated by “Marty” (Fran Kranz), the über pot smoking, wisecracking, scene stealer. We may have seen Cabin because of Chris Hemsworth (Thor), but we stayed for the Marty & the monsters. Classic Marty line: “Oh my god, I’m on a reality TV show! My parents are gonna think I’m such a burnout.”

#5. This Is The End — “Jay & Seth at Home/Let’s Do All The Drugs”

To me, this is one of the most original, amazingly entertaining movies of the past 5 years. If you somehow managed to miss this gem, I’ll give you a breakdown: All of the actors in movie play stereotypical views of themselves. Seth Rogan — the loveable buffoon. Jay Baruchel — the Hollywood hold-out. Jonah Hill — the overly-caring A-lister. James Franco — the pretentious artist… the list goes on. When buddies Rogan & Baruchel get together in L.A., Rogan drags his buddy along with him to Franco’s house warming party — where the who’s who of pompous Hollywood types are gathered, not knowing that the apocalypse is about to hit. Clever, original & fun. A definite must see.

#4. Half Baked — “Kenny’s Munchie Run”

Another neo-classic stoner flick that can’t be missed. Random fact: stereotypical stoner “Brian” (Jim Breuer), was the only cast member who was an avid non-toker. Kinda funny seeing as he portrays the character most associated with being a stoner. If you’ve ever smoked a “Billy-Bong Thornton” of your own with a group of pals, you can relate to the list of munchies given to Kenny.

#3. Pineapple Express — “Item 9”

Great movie from start to finish, with clever one-liners thrown in as Easter eggs for multiple watches (i.e.: “What’s down there? Fucking Rancor?”). This flick kicks it off in supreme fashion — an amazing flashback scene featuring Bill Hader as a military test subject, being “subjected” to “Item 9”, aka: marijuana.

#2. Super Troopers — “Getting Pulled Over – Opening Scene”

Modern day classic! The opening scene simply sets the tone for the entire movie. We open on 3 dudes on the open road — laid back chat and smokin’ a jay. Unfortunately they happen to look over and see Highway Patrol has pulled into the lane next to them. Weed and ‘shrooms get eaten, a baggie gets tossed & our boys still get pulled over… but what happens when they’re pulled over is just the beginning.


#1. Up In Smoke — “I Think We’re Parked”

THE weed movie that started it all (OK, that’s debateable). Cheech & Chong brought marijuana culture to the masses in the 70’s and it all evolved from there. For anyone who hasn’t seen this classic, LOG INTO NETFLIX NOW!!! Check out this scene to get a hint of what’s in store.

Know of any other awesome stoner moments in film? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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