Smoking Papers For All Occasions

We’ve got blunts and blunted papers.

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We’ve got a large selection of smoking papers for you to roll your products with. We’ve got king size blunt and blunted papers we’ve got cigar rolling papers and we have traditional rollies. No matter what kind of rolling paper you are looking for we have it.  If you have any questions about out paper inventory please feel free to call us.  If you want to browse then come by our shop.


Rolling papers are small sheets of paper made from leaves or other combustible materials for the purpose of rolling cigarettes or other plant materials. The tradition of rolling stems back centuries and the art was mastered in places like Cuba where the cigar excelled as a work of superior craftsmanship.

Now rolling papers come in all sizes, shapes, and forms. They are used to roll tobacco or other material which people like to smoke. Depending on what you are looking for, contact us or stop by to get some rolling tips, check out our rolling machines, or to buy some blunt papers.

Clean burning paper or leaves used to wrap tobacco or any other plant the user wishes to cleanly and easily smoke.