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Orange Chronic Bong Cleaner 16oz


Orange Chronic 16oz Cleaner

Perfect for Water Pipes, Glass Pipes, Metal Pipes and Hookahs!

* Immediate results
* No Scrubbing or waiting
* No After Taste or Smell
* Easy to Use
* Earth Friendly
* Free Rinsing
* Brightens Glass

Pulsar 9″


The Pulsar RIP (Rugged Indestructible water Pipe) dab rig, is constructed from 100 percent platinum-cured, medical-grade, silicone. This strong but flexible material allows you to pack, carry, and transport this rig nearly anywhere you dare without fear of it breaking. These rigs feature bright colors; a 2-piece, easy-clean design; and strong suction cup bases to keep your rig in a safe, upright position during take-off

Purple 710 Power Bong Cleaner 16oz

Purple 710 Bong Cleaner 16oz

Formulated specifically for cleaning oil rigs, domes, Ti nails and more. With the power of enzymes it is the only shaking & soaking solution specifically made for concentrate gear & accessories, Available in 16oz and is reusable.