SOLO 2 Vaporizer


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SOLO 2 Vaporizer


1 review for SOLO 2 Vaporizer

  1. Cyncyti

    This is a great vaporizer. It’s a but bigger than one you would carry around yet it’s no so big that you can’t. Sleek black design fits securely in your hand. There is an led display and a button below it. You hold the top half of the button down to turn on and it counts down the 4 seconds and it’s on at the last heat setting you had it on. You have to hit the up arrow portion of the button to make sure it hears to that temperature but it only takes approx. 15 seconds to heat, put your flower into the glass tube and place your tube into the solo wait approx. 10 seconds and inhale! Its a smooth vape when you have the temperature at the optimum heat for your strain. I find most flower is best between 190 to 200 degrees. If you cough and hack it’s because it’s too hot. Turn it down 5 degrees next time you smoke it. If your not getting enough vapour then turn it up 5 degrees. The screen light has 3 settings so if you use it in a dark room you can turn the light up or down for your comfort. I bought the mini version of this as well. The solo ariser. At home I still go for my solo 2 everytime. Even if offered the arizer. Nothing bad about ariser just love my solo 2 I guess.

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