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Vaporizers warm up and combine the active ingredients from plants and oils into vapor so you can inhale them without combustion. Many of the extra carcinogens in cigarettes and other things we can smoke come from combustion and not necessarily from the active ingredients we want. A vaporizer is a great tool to get more of what you want and less of what you don’t.


How the hell does it work? Well let’s explain. First the most immediate negative impact of tobacco comes from inhaling the smoke of combustion. Burning leaves does release the compounds that give you the business, but it also releases all the extra stuff that you don’t want to get into your business. Vapes simply warm up the material to a point before combustion so that only the business is released into the air. That way when you inhale it, your not getting all that junk in your lungs.

We have to take special care to protect our bronchial tree and lungs. Lung cancer is a huge problem.  Vapes help us protect our precious insides from the harmful effects of smoke.  Technically we are vaping… not smoking.

Smokers stink. Vapers smell great… if they smell like anything at all.